Artificial Intelligence: The Future of E-Commerce is Here

If only you can clone yourself then a whole new world of unlimited possibilities opens up right before you. For starters, you can get rid of your work at hand, a series of repetitive tasks that are causing you physical and emotional strain. In the process, you can do something more in the direction of fun, like going on a road trip perhaps. Of course, we all know, for now, it’s all wishful thinking.

While creating a robot to act on your behalf is but a work of fiction, having someone do a repetitive chore for you is not. We have Artificial Intelligence (AI) for that. And don’t think only an engineer as crafty as Elon Musk is interested in this. It’s actually closer than you think, even with the negative reactions of the Tesla founder. AI is here and is changing online shopping.

By definition, AI is about machines capable of doing tasks that normally would require human intelligence to be done right. It’s machine learning at its most ambitious. And Mr. Musk may have a point. If there’s intelligence that is closest to that of human intelligence it’s AI.

To note, Artificial Intelligence can not only handle tasks quickly (faster than us) but also can do it much more efficiently. It’s paramount then that if you’re serious about giving your e-commerce business the growth it deserves, taking AI into full consideration is wise. Below are ways it can disrupt your game.

Smarter Smart Technology

Some people may fear; some may look forward to it. But the works of AI today are nothing short of amazing. Take for instance smart technology. We all know how much our TV experienced has been given a makeover when the internet was introduced to it. The smart TVs of today show just how much a smarter way of doing things can improve lives.

Enter the Internet of Things or IoT. When you talk about IoT, the real force driving machines to talk with one another is Artificial Intelligence. And the results are nothing short of outstanding.

By AI, you have IoT machines that can decide for themselves just like a human would. Take for instance your ordinary fridge. For your refrigerator to be refilled, you need to look inside it and decide what’s lacking. It sounds elementary right? But the new smart fridge can tell you what groceries are running out. It can even recommend a perfect recipe based on what’s inside the fridge. Such technology is available via Samsung and its Family Hub products.



Haven’t you heard the news? Artificial Intelligence has become so sophisticated these days, you can have a website built by AI in a matter of minutes. That can certainly help you save a lot of time, not to mention save precious dollars in the process.

By doing so, you can focus on running your business and not waste time on building a great website. Of course, you will still have to contact experts to ensure your brand new website is configured right.

A good way to do that is to start with website capture. Professionals can analyze data on each of your pages so your website complies with government protocols and requirements. Take note that each website is governed by the laws of the land and must therefore ensure product claims and product representations are accurate and not misleading. And it may even be stricter for financial services websites as data must be

As you may have experienced, every website now has a chat feature where visitors can interact. It’s a convenient way to service your clients and get prospects at the same time. Take note that there’s a good chance when you’re interacting with someone on that chatbox, you’re actually chatting with an AI representative. Meaning, it talks like a human but it’s not human.

With that, online shopping can be as relentless as can be working 24/7 seven days of the week. Even better, you’re ensuring your website is converting even when you’re sleeping.


If you’re directly handling sales and marketing, chances are you’ve come across Excel tables that need to be copied, pivoted, and worse, analyzed. It’s a tall order. And you’re thinking: is there a way you can wade through all the data faster? The answer: There is now, with AI.

CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management is slowly shrinking, thanks to AI. Copious data that takes ages to analyze can now be streamlined at a faster rate without direct human intervention. That way you can pivot your Excel tables in a jiffy, just by using bots.

For instance, you can have AI sort through data, so you arrive at the final list of your best prospects among thousands who visited your site. In short, you get higher conversions. And should be reaping the handsome rewards thereafter.

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