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Top Mistakes People Do After They Have Gotten into a Car Accident

When you get into a car accident, how you react and respond immediately afterward can affect whether you’ll recover your losses or receive just compensation for the damage to your car. Right after an accident, your reaction will determine if the insurance will cover your claims. Many people make silly mistakes because they are rattled and confused. They do not know that these actions have legal ramifications.

Not Calling a Lawyer or the Police

One of the first calls you should make after an auto accident is to your car accident lawyer in Townsville. Of course, you should call the police, too. The other party in the accident might want to handle things directly, but never agree to this. It is always better to have the police and lawyers with you when you talk about what to do after an accident.

The police will collect valuable evidence. Along with your lawyers, they will help you build your case against the other party. The police will provide all the critical information and documents your insurance company needs. Your lawyer will act as your guide. They will prepare the requirements for your insurance claims.

Admitting Guilt

You may be compelled to say sorry because you somehow feel guilty about the accident. But this could be seen as an admission of guilt. While you may think that you are at fault, there is no way to know this. The other party may also be to blame. Since there are no police yet in the vicinity of the accident to tell who’s at fault, never admit guilt, especially in front of the other person.

Leaving the Scene

Car accidents are confusing and stress-inducing. No one will fault you for panicking and experiencing a nervous breakdown. However, you should never leave the scene of the accident. Don’t drive away and leave the other party there to deal with the police. You may be violating several laws by leaving the scene of the accident.

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Failing to Gather Evidence

Right after the accident, if you are able, snap pictures of the accident. Using your smartphone, take photos of your car and the other party’s vehicle. Gather as much evidence as you can before the other party can move the car. These photos will give the police and lawyer a great place to start when they investigate the accident.

Not Going to the ER

You should call for medical assistance after a car accident. Even if you’re feeling okay and have no visible injuries, it’s important to have a wellness check. You might have a concussion or some other hidden injuries. Also, your insurance company will require this from you. It is not enough to simply say that you’ve been hurt. They need actual evidence that you have been hurt.

Not Filing the Case Immediately

There is a time limit to filing a claim after an auto accident. Your insurance company will most probably give you only a few weeks to get the case to court. You will miss your chance of recovering your losses if you miss the deadline, so get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Keep these things in mind when you get into an accident. It’s bad enough that you have to deal with injuries and the damage to your car. It’s even more stressful not to have enough evidence to make an insurance claim or file a case against the other party.

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