8 Tech Office Improvement Ideas to Consider This Spring

If you have a technology company to run, you may need to find ways to revamp it this year. What better time to do so than with the arrival of spring? After all, the more comfortable your office is, the more productive you and your employees can be. Whether you have a small team that you can count on one hand or a multiple-level office, these office improvement ideas can help make your business drive.

1. Scout For a New Location

Have you been thinking about office relocation? If so, the warmer months of spring and summer are ideal times to make this move. Moving is a big step, whether it’s for residential or business reasons. Therefore, moving in warmer months without being tied down by snow and ice can make the transition better for you and your staff. If you haven’t contacted a local commercial real estate agent, you should get the ball rolling on that. However, you can also use your direct connections in the area to see if any buildings are on sale that you like. Even if you don’t want to buy an entire building, you can always rent out a floor in a larger commercial space.

Office improvement ideas can start with the location. Start looking for offices for sale by doing a Google search. Is your heart set on working in a particular section of town, such as downtown? Or maybe there’s another area near a waterfront, pier, or existing entertainment zone that would be essential to bringing in organic traffic. Placing your business near a park or college campus can also be essential to bringing in certain clientele or interns. You could always walk around these areas and look for office for sale signs. As mentioned, a real estate agent can help you, but be prepared to pay their finders fee.

Once you find the ideal space for your tech office improvement ideas, you need to prepare to move. Find local business movers who specialize in the type of commercial moving you can trust. Technical offices may have special needs compared to other businesses. After all, your office may have more specialized computer equipment and advanced technology. You want to ensure these items are handled delicately so you won’t have to replace them after the move. Try connecting with other tech companies who have made such a move, so they can give you a referral for a qualified mover.

2. Invest in New Furniture

As you look around your office, do things appear outdated? Do you have comfortable places to sit all day to work or the occasional place to relax? It may be time to buy some new office chairs and other furniture. Remember, the average workday is 8 hours, but at a tech company, it could easily be longer than that. Therefore, anyone on your staff must have a comfortable space to work. Start by investing in ergonomic chairs that can support the back. Office improvement ideas in the spring can also include adding some couches.

Even if you have enough desks for people to work, you may also want to bring in some standing desk options. With a standing desk, it allows employees to stand up and move around easily while still at their stations. After all, proper blood circulation is essential for everyone’s health. Sitting eight hours a day can result in inflammation, weight gain, and blood pressure issues. By making these updates, you can help keep your staff healthier and flexible throughout the day.

What about outside your office space? If you have an entire office building, you may want to invest in some picnic areas. Investing in your landscape and having outdoor furniture can make it an even more comfortable space for employees to be in. That way, employees are much more likely to enjoy their lunch break, go for a walk, and get some fresh air, which can make the work day less stressful. When people approach your building and see this type of space, it can make them feel good about working there or coming there for a meeting. Matter of fact, you may even have some of your tech meetings outside when you take the time to update the space accordingly. Something as simple as adding a couple of picnic tables with umbrellas, and some benches, and planting some flowers can make the space more vibrant.

3. Keep Staff Fed

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google-type budget that provides three meals a day for employees. You can still incorporate food into your office improvement ideas for spring. Start with your company kitchen. Do you have an updated coffee machine? Why not kick things up a notch by adding an espresso machine as well? Give employees a better selection of hot and cold beverages to choose from. Make sure they stay hydrated with plenty of filtered water. After all, proper hydration is essential to health and mental well-being. According to Healthline, people should drink at least eight-ounce glasses of water a day, but they may need more in a hot environment.

You can also enlist regular office catering services to reward your staff. Some companies supply breakfast or lunch every day for their staff. You may have bagels on Wednesdays or pizza on Fridays. You can get a corporate catering account with certain restaurants nearby that can give you a discount with regular food delivery. This type of service is not only an incentive but can also improve employee morale. Your staff is likely to see your company as putting further investment in their well-being. You can also have additional catering services to celebrate employee birthdays or mark anniversaries.

4. Hire Interior Designer

Have you ever walked into an office space and were wowed by the sense of design? If you want people to have that same reaction to your tech office, it may be time to hire an interior designer. Some interior designers specialize in office improvement ideas. The right person can choose the right colors that can strike a balance between creating a comfortable space for concentration while still being vibrant.

An interior designer is the project leader who can hire other subcontractors to make your space look modern and more functional. For example, your company kitchen may not have enough storage. Your interior designer can find the right cabinet service to handle that situation. What about your floors? You don’t want employees coming into your space and tripping and falling. It would be embarrassing when clients come in for meetings and see a torn smelly carpet or broken tiles. Spring is a perfect time to switch out outdated flooring for longer-lasting materials such as hardwood. According to Bob Vila, hardwood floors can last as long as a century with good maintenance. You can further protect your floors by epoxy coating. This clear layer protects any hardwood surface and is very easy to clean while being stain-resistant.

Your interior designer can also help you make different furniture choices. In addition to having your ergonomic work furniture, you may want more plush items to balance things out. Strategically place couches, plants, and little coffee tables around the area. You can show off your good taste by purchasing artwork. The interior designer can find commercial art to hang on walls and sculptures for the entryway.

5. Consider Parking Safety

Your spring office improvement ideas should include parking safety. After all, before people get inside your office to work, they need to park their cars, and bikes, or walk in. Therefore, hire a local asphalt commercial paver to repair any cracks or potholes. Otherwise, you may have a trip or fall hazard outside for employees and other visitors. A solid renovated parking space adds to your company’s curb appeal. It’s one of the first things people see when they approach your property, so you want it to look as beautiful as possible. A parking lot striping service can create clearly defined parking lines. As a result, it’ll be easier for people to know where to park, and you can avoid accidents. A parking lot striping service can also provide clear directions for people to drive.

6. Improve Exterior Surfaces

Once people get past the parking lot, they’ll notice your building structure’s exterior. If you want your tech office to stand out from the pack, make sure you have beautiful siding and paintwork. The type of siding you choose depends on your climate and the size of your building. Your new siding installation can consist of stone, brick, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and more. If you live in an area prone to intense hurricane winds, you want something that can withstand that.

Stone and brick are the most durable siding materials but can be expensive. Vinyl is the easiest siding to install and can withstand winds over 100 miles an hour. When it comes to your new siding, you should also consider how easy it will be to paint. Vinyl is easy to paint, so if you plan to switch out those colors frequently, that’s a material to consider. Part of this renovation can include repainting your building in company colors. If you’ve done a rebrand, then you’ll need to update existing colors to match that.

Don’t forget about the value of a strong and beautiful commercial fence. Your fence can provide additional security for your professional grounds. If your business has expanded, you may need additional protection, especially if it’s made the news for having high revenue. Therefore, you may want to install a limited access gate. You may want smaller fences located within other parts of your property. In other words, you may have some buildings or zones that have restricted access. You may even want a more decorative fence to surround a company garden.

7. Add Additional Space

If your budget allows, your office improvement ideas may include new construction. When you own your own building with enough landscape space, you have the option to further expand. Now’s a good time to contact your local commercial construction contractor to see how they can help you. You may want to construct a whole new building on that same lot. That way, if you plan to add hundreds of tech workers, you can have enough space for them to work without overcrowding your existing area.

You may also want to build out an entire campus if your revenue has increased. For example, you may want a recreational space separate from the main office. Employees can enjoy a gymnasium or entertainment space. You may want a banquet hall for employee parties and other events. Why not have a beautiful gazebo on the company ground to add to your landscape? It could be a peaceful place for employees to enjoy a lunch break while also serving as a work area for meetings and events.

Always get quotes from a few different contractors. The final fee for renovation will depend on the extent of the project, the amount of contractor supplies needed, their level of experience, and how in demand they are. You should ask for references to contact other commercial owners who have used their services.

8. Hire a Landscaper

Imagine the employee morale when your tech workers can step away from their desks and go outside to a lush landscape. Improving your landscape can involve planting trees on your property. Landscapers can also ensure your grass is always lush and green with fertilizer and regular mowing. They can also strategically plant flower beds around the area. In other words, your tech environment can be very warm and inviting inside and out.

As you can see, you have many office improvement ideas for your tech office updates this year. As the weather warms up, there’s no better time to call the right contractors who can help you. Whether you need new office furniture, landscaping service, interior design, or food delivery, there are many ways you can improve your overall office environment. If you get started now, you can have a completely new office look and atmosphere by the time summer arrives.

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