The University of Oxford Strengthens IT Support with New Software Solution
By Jessica Kennedy · October 6, 2015 • The university invested in HEAT Software to unify its IT teams and provide better IT support on campus.

7 Digital Display Solutions You Missed at the 2015 EduComm Expo
By Jessica Kennedy · October 5, 2015 • HigherEdTechDecisions covers 7 of the top digital display solutions from the 2015 EduComm Expo.

How IT Can Better Handle the 3 Main Instructor Personalities
By Jessica Kennedy · October 5, 2015 • In order to peacefully implement a new technology on campus, IT members should learn how to work with the three main personality types of instructors: the fanatic, curmudgeon and uninformed.

EduComm Expo Session Reveals How Colleges Can Gain a Great ROI from Physical Spaces
By Jessica Kennedy · October 3, 2015 • At the 2015 EduComm Expo, experts reveal how colleges can gain a big ROI with physical spaces on campus.

EduComm Experts Reveal How Colleges Can ‘Stay Ahead of the Curve’ with Digital Signage
By Jessica Kennedy · October 2, 2015 • Digital signage experts reveal how colleges can make the most of their digital signage solutions at the first annual EduComm Expo.

Have Your Content and Eat It Too – The Recipe for Delicious Content Distribution
By Jessica Kennedy · October 1, 2015 • Content expert Rajiv Shenoy weighs in on how to create a healthy diet of content consumption in students, and content preparation in administrators.

How to Use Apps & App Smashing to Improve Engagement in Hybrid Classes
By Jessica Kennedy · September 28, 2015 • Sherry Boyd reveals how app smashing and teaching apps boosted engagement in her hybrid classes during the NUTN 2015 conference.

Ball State University Buys Broadcast Equipment to Educate News Students
By Jessica Kennedy · September 28, 2015 • In order to educate students about the journalism world, Ball State University invested in broadcasting equipment by Grass Valley for its Unified Media Lab.

University of Arizona Uses to Digitally Archive its 6 Million-Piece History
By Jessica Kennedy · September 24, 2015 • In order to store its extensive data, the University of Arizona invests in’s archival solution.

The Secret to Better Blended Learning and 2 Tips to Achieving It
By Jessica Kennedy · September 22, 2015 • At the 2015 NUTN conference, John S. Daniel delivers a keynote on blended learning and how colleges can improve it.

6 Features to Look Out For in Successful Videoconferencing Technologies
By Jessica Kennedy · September 21, 2015 • In order to invest in a good videoconferencing solution, end users should consider these six features recommended by video expert Perry Goldstein.

Brenau University Moves to Mondopads for a More Engaging, Functional Class Experience
By Jessica Kennedy · September 17, 2015 • In order to give students and instructors better engagement and functionality in the classroom, Brenau University opts for Mondopads as its main solution.

The Systems Integration Process: Avoiding Pitfalls and Improving Security
By Zach Winn · September 14, 2015 • Understanding your resources, defining your goals, selecting the right integrator and working with your IT department will ensure you’re happy with your systems integration project.

8 Tips and Technologies That Can Keep a College Network Safe
By Jessica Kennedy · September 14, 2015 • In order to keep their networks safe, cybersecurity expert Dennis Egen discusses 8 key tips and technologies colleges can equip their network teams with.

2 Cyberthreat Vulnerabilities Colleges Need to Worry About This School Year
By Andreas Baumhof · September 10, 2015 • ThreatMetrix reveals the top 2 cyberthreats colleges needs to look out for during the new academic year.

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